Breed Specific Programmes

Many of our favourite breeds & their crosses have been bred to perform specific jobs and tasks. However living in urban environments with humans doesn’t always allow our dogs the freedom to perform the tasks they were bred for. This can often lead to frustration and problem behaviours
Here we have designed training programmes that are tailored to your dogs specific genetic needs, providing them with behaviours & enrichment that emulate their natural instincts.
Each programme consists 2 private one to one sessions, your breeds specific training programme, follow up notes, ongoing support post session, as well as instructional videos

Available programmes


As a breed sighthounds have been bred to chase and hunt wildlife.

Within this Sighthound programme we provide you and your hound with outlets for their basic needs as ell training to help them live in the urban human world.

spaniels & Retrievers
Spaniels, retrievers, and other gun dogs have been bred specifically to rush, flush, catch and retrieve prey.

Within our gun dog programme we’ll offer you guidance on teaching your dogs to safely practice their specific traits & needs through games, enrichment, and obedience.

Scent Hounds
Scenthounds have such strong urges to sniff and track wildlife. This can make gaining their attention on walks very difficult.

This programme will help channel their need to sniff while incorporating basic obedience behaviours.

Bull Breeds
Bullies can be very high energy & affectionate dogs that have specific loves & joys that are not always displayed by other dogs.

Our Bully programme will help channel their energies into training & enrichment specifically designed for this breed.

Terriers have a reputation as feisty little dogs with big personalities. Although they are small, they are still bred for specific working purposes.

Our programme will provide you and your terrier with breed specific games and training to help channel their personalities into activities they love and enjoy.

Each programme is €245 and consists of 2 private sessions @ 60 minutes each

All of our training programmes apply ethical & humane training methods.

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