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Dog walking

More than just a walk …

At Polaris, we don’t just walk your dog; we ensure your dog is as mentally stimulated as they are physically.

Walks include fun training exercises working your dog’s mind, and of course lots of sniffing, working their amazing olfaction skills. We can also provide supplemental training while on walk.

We want your dogs to enjoy every aspect of the walk, so will tailor the environment, and games on the walk to suit your dogs needs. Every walk, unless requested and suitable, will be a solo adventure for your dog. Allowing them the time to explore their environment without interference.

Our trainers will come to your home or your designated collection point, to collect your dog and take them on their own mini-adventure. Pictures and updates of the walk will provided via text or whatsapp.

Our walking services are offered exclusively to the Dublin 3, 5, & 17 areas of North Dublin.

An additional meet & great assessment will be required prior to any walks. This service is free of charge and give me an opportunity to meet your dogs, and them to get used to my presence in your house. This is also a perfect opportunity for you ask me any questions and provide me with instruction for future walks.

Polaris Dogs is fully insured for walking your pooch, is a qualified trainer through the IMDT, as well as a canine first responder. Ensuring your dog is in the best possible hands while with us.

If you want your dog to be part of the Polaris Pack, then fill out the application below.


What we offer

15 Minute Drop-in
  • This is a perfect service for dogs that need a toilet break while their owners are at work
  • Our 15 minute drop in offers a toilet break, cuddle time, short training session or enrichment while with your dog
30 minute Drop in
  • The perfect way to break up the day for dogs home alone for a few hours.
  • Our 30 minute drop-in offers a toilet break, cuddle time, training & enrichment while with your dog
1 hour solo walk one dog
  • Our 60 minute walks offers dogs home alone a full hour of adventure.
  • On our walks we offer supplementary training, sniffing games, and enrichment.
  • Our walks are done one to one or paired with another dog when appropriate
1 hour walk two dogs
  • Our 60 minute walk designed for two dogs from the same house-hold.
  • Our duo walk offers everything our solo dog has, but double the fun and adventure.
  • Our duo walk is reserved exclusively for two dogs from the same home.


Post Walk Dry Shampoo€5.00After your dogs walk we will offer a dry shampoo wash*
Brush Out€5.00We will brush your dog on our walk**
Feed Lunch€3.00We will prepare and feed your dog their lunch
De-Shed Brush€5.00We will de-shed your dog on our walk**
* If your dog is uncomfortable with this service we will refer you to a professional grooming service
** If your dogs coat is out of condition we will refer you to a groomer
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