Train for Fun

Here you will find lots of private training options, to increase the fun and bond with your dog.

Why do we train for fun? Fun activities are why we adopted our dogs in the first place. These types of training are not designed to solve unwanted problem behaviours, however can go a long way to aiding your dogs confidence and increasing the fun in our relationship.

For specific behaviour training check out our foundational training options.

Trick Training
  • In our trick session we’ll guide you and your dog through basic training techniques, teaching them fun, cute, and physically beneficial tricks.
  • Tricks your dog can learn:
  • – Marker training
  • – Spin
  • – paws up
  • – Send around
  • – Wave hello
  • and much more!

This private session is 60 minutes long, and includes videos and follow up instructional notes and entry to our free trick dog group

Intro to Scentwork
  • Introducing you and your dog to the world of scent detection – a fantastic fun activity to do with your dog, building confidence, 
  • & helping to calm over excitable dogs.
  • What we’ll cover:
  • – Introducing scent
  • – Teaching a search
  • – Indications
  • – All about canine olfaction

1 private 60 minute session, video tutorials, follow up notes and entry to our free scentwork facebook group.

  • Focusing entirely on enrichment suited best to your dog and their breed, centred around appropriate outlets for natural behaviours our dogs display, ensuring their mental and physical well being is catered for.
  • Topics include:
  • – Predation sequence
  • – Your Dog’s genetic traits
  • – suitable enrichment plan to suit your dog

1 private 60 minute session, tailored enrichment plan video tutorials, and instructional follow up notes are included

Zoom Option – €50

Zoom option training offers all of the benefits of an in person session above but remotely via zoom. This is a perfect option for dogs who are nervous of people/strangers in their home.

Zoom sessions are available mid-week evenings and Saturdays, and last approx. 60 mins.

Training Terms & Conditions

NOTE: completing an application form is not a guarantee that an appointment or class time will be available or suitable for your dogs needs. Once the form is complete one of our trainers will be in contact for confirmation and deposit.